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Portable Defibrillator *UPDATE !


Se les informa que la Asociación de Colonos ya cuenta con un equipo desfibrilador portátil resguardado en la caseta de seguridad para beneficio de la comunidad. Los teléfonos para solicitarlo en caso de emergencia son: 873 51 28, 873 51 73, 802 90 78 ó 044 (984) 214 75 89, este último para atención en inglés de 8 a 20 horas.


To all residents of Puerto Aventuras, we would like to inform you that on March 9th the Board confirmed that the defibrillator acquired for the community will remain at the Colonos security office, for its protection and for maximum access to residents. It will be available to anyone on request by calling any of the following telephone numbers: (984)873-51-28, (984)802-90-78 or, for English, cell phone number (984)214-75-89 between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm only.

Security Department in English

Dear residents:
Due to a request from the past Assembly celebrated last December, 2015, starting today, the Security Department has a phone line (cellphone) for reports in English from 8 am to 8 pm. Number: 044 (984) 214 75 89.

New Ambulance Information

Estimados residents:

Por este medio queremos ratificar está información la cual sigue vigente a la fecha y que es de suma importancia para la comunidad:

Dear residents:

We want to ratify the following important info which is the same up to the present day:

Lower Winter Electricity Rates from CFE


New Taxi Fares

Pelican Free Press

"Serving Greater Puerto Aventuras"

New Church in Puerto

We have recently begun Lighthouse Church Services in Puerto Aventuras *English speaking Christian worship*
Sundays, 2:30 p.m. at Cultural Center

Places of Worship

292-1Contacts & Services Information for 5 closest places of worship.

Colonos Fees

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