The magic of México

Dear residents, the Colegio Puerto Aventuras has asked us to share with you the following invitation:

With the help of a united, collaborative and visionary community that recognized the importance of education in its population, Colegio Puerto Aventuras was built almost 30 years ago … classroom by classroom, ensuring the children of this new community a place to receive an education based on values and life skills.
The youth of Colegio Puerto Aventuras are grateful for the opportunity to “pay it forward”, something which they experienced in the construction and growth of their own school. With much enthusiasm, they formed a volunteer group called “Jovenes Ayudando a Jovenes” (Teens Helping Teens), with the purpose of helping other teens with opportunities and support in their own community.
“Jovenes Ayudando a Jovenes” joins together with the coastal community to help in the construction of much needed classrooms in the high school of the poblado Puerto Aventuras giving the 280 students who this year will graduate from their Junior High School there, the opportunity to continue studying in the poblado.
The first fund raising event organized with much excitement by this group is called “The Magic of Mexico” and will be held on March 30th, 7:00 pm at the Puerto Aventuras Cultural Center.
Feel the Magic of Mexico in this grand presentation featuring:
• The magical voice of Pablo Montero, grand international singer, accompanied by live Mariachis
• The beauty of the Coppelia’s Dance Company’s Folkloric Ballet
• The mesmerizing voice of Carmen Goett, past finalist of The Voice Mexico
• The breathtaking moves of international acrobat Pancho Libre (Francisco Sandoval)
• The colorful flow of the traditional dances of our magical Mexico performed by Studio de Danza Veriart
—- and much more magic!

The Magic of Mexico will be shown not only through these Mexican talents but also through the successful construction of the high school, thanks to our united community!
Thank you in advance to all of the sponsors who believed and continue to believe in our youth and who have helped to make this event possible.
Looking forward to seeing you and sharing the Magic of Mexico with you!
Tickets on Sale in the School Office or from any school community member. All proceeds will go to the Construction of the High School in the Poblado Puerto Aventuras.
For more information, please call (984) 873 5141.

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