Communiqué 10, New Internal Security Measures

April 5, 2019 – New Internal Security Measures –
Dear Colonos,As you know, the main gate is the most important point in order to control our access and guarantee our security, and only when we control said access, will the Association be able to guarantee our security.

Therefore, until the front gate is recovered, we can only focus on having a better control of our streets.

For this reason, the following new changes are being implemented:

1. We are installing fixed checkpoint barriers on Bahia Kantenah y Blvd Pto Aventuras. The objectives of these barriers are to facilitate the control and work of the guards. Depending on the results of these new barriers, we will determine if they are to be installed on every street.

2. Starting Wednesday, April 10th, only vehicles with Colonos Vehicle Decals will be allowed to circulate freely through checkpoints.

3. Starting Wednesday, April 10th, vehicles without the Colonos Vehicle Decals will be stopped and inspected at each checkpoint.

4. Workers and Employees will be randomly checked and forced to present a NEW and VALID, COLONOS WORKER CREDENTIAL.

For these reasons, we kindly invite you to obtain FREE OF COST your COLONOS VEHICLE DECALS and NEW COLONOS WORKER CREDENTIAL, at our offices, Monday – Friday 9am-2pm and 3-6pm.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

We are working on all fronts, instances, and with all the resources at hand, to protect and guarantee our security, investments and patrimonies.
Security Working Group
The Board of Directors

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